1. Best doctor # Infertility # PCOS

Our joy knew no bounds when we got our little angel in our hand after 6 yrs of struggle n stressful life . This has become possible because of Dr. Shalini only . She is very good at her work and gives personal attention to every patient . We were married for 7 years and I had irregular and delayed cycles . I was diagnosed as PCOD ( polycystic ovarian disease ) . I had received 7-8 cycles of ovulation / Induction with Clomiphene and Letrozole but most of the time my eggs either would not form or will not rupture . Dr. Shalini gave us two more cycles of ovulation / Induction where she added injections very meticulously . Both the times , 2 eggs were formed and were ruptured at the desired time . She took special care that egg ruptures . Both the times , IUI was done . And I conceived in 2nd IUI . We never had any problems in approaching her . She is very kind hearted and soft spoken . A gem of a person . She is the best infertility doctor for PCOS . May God bless her . May she succeed in giving pregnancy to every couple she treats

2. Best Doctor # Male Infertility # Low sperm Count.

We are deeply indebited to Dr Shalini n her team . Without her efforts ,our dream wouldn’t have come true . Married for 3 years ,we had 2 IVF ‘s done but both failed . We visited Dr. Shalini . She understood our case , advised very few and indicated tests . My husband sperms very borderlilne low and both the times previously IVF + ICSI was done . Though we were prepared and guided for ICSI again but luck favoured and the medicines that Dr. Shalini gave to my husband worked . The sperm count was good on the day of IVF and simple IVF was done instead of ICSI . And we got success in first attempt only . The IVF treatment cost was very less as compared to other centres . She is the best fertility doctor ,we can say it with greatest confidence . Though we are not from Delhi , she was always there on phone n mails to answer our queries . She will do only what is required in ones case . She is very knowledgeable and thorough with her subject . All thanks to her .

3.Best IVF Doctor in Delhi # Fibroid Uterus # Myomectomy

I am 36 years of age ,married for 5 years I had a big fibroid of 8*8 cm in my uterus . We approached Dr. Shalini . She did myomectomy . The surgery was very successful . Within 6 months of myomectomy , I conceived with my own eggs which didn’t happen earlier . In fact , I had very poor reserve . I wasn’t ready for a donor egg . Dr. Shalini suggested to try with my owns eggs naturally for 6 months after myomectomy and it clicked . So happy to share my story as I always wanted with my own eggs . We sincerely thank Dr. Shalini for her wise n knowledgeable decisions . Without her guidance , I feel I wouldn’t have conceived . No words can explain our gratitude to her.

4. Best Hysteroscopy Doctor # Septum Resection # Repeated IVF failures .

We are extremely thankful to Dr. Shalini for bringing so much happiness in our lives . We are proud parents of a beautiful girl , one year now . It has become possible because of Dr. Shalini only . She is extremely sincere , compassionate and an intelligent doctor . Always ready to listen to you n help you . I had previous 2 failed IVF ‘s . No cause could be detected . Everytime the embryos were good and the uterus lining ‘ Endometrium ‘ was good . Still nothing worked . All the ultrasounds were normal . Dr. Shalini did Hysteroscopy where she found a septum which was removed . Again IVF was done and I conceived with Dr. Shalini and May God Bless her .

5. Conception after HSG .

We visited Dr. Shalini as we were married for 3 years and had not conceived . She guided us and to my surprise , I conceived on my own in the same cycle after she did HSG ( Fallopian tube testing ) . The success came in such a easy way with her treatment . We are so so so thankful to her . I delivered a normal healthy boy about 6 months back . She is very polite and one of the most genuine doctors ,I know . All thanks to her for her sincere efforts . We are so happy to have this smart boy in our hands.

6. Best Fertility Doctor # Unexplained Infertility

We sincerely thanks Dr. Shalini for bringing so much happiness in our lives . We were so distressed as First 2 years of our marriage , we didnt try and now we were not able to conceive for 4 years . I am 32 and my husband is 36 years . Had undergone so many tests and everything was normal . So it was unexplained infertility we were labelled as everytime . With Dr Shalini , I conceived in third cycle of IUI . We are short of words to express our gratitude . She is the best fertility doctor we found, who has changed our entire life . May she continue to bring smiles to childless couples .

7. IVF treatment # Blastocyst Transfer .

We really appreciate the efforts put in by Dr. Shalini to make us proud parents of our little angles . Without your efforts ,we wouldn’t have seen these tiny small bundles of joy in our hands . Moving from one Dr. to another , we were so comfortable with you . At first meeting only, she gave such positive vibes and brought back our hopes. We already had undergone 2 cycles of IUI , 2 cycles of IVF . We took another attempt with Dr. Shalini and this time 2 Blastocyst transfer were done . She did ‘impossible to “possible” . We had lo st all our hopes till we found her . She really takes so much pains for each n every patient . Hats off to to her . The entire process of IVF was very smooth with her . She has very simplified protocols . Thanks once again .

8. Infertility # Repeated Miscarriages # Synachae # Hysteroscopy .

We are really happy to be blessed with a baby boy . After 3 miscarriages ,we had lost all hopes and life was so dull n full of society pressure . We found Dr. Shalini on google n thank our stars that we visited her. She did hysteroscopy in our case and I conceived 2 months after hysteroscopy.Fibrous bands or synachae had formed because of repeated miscarriages . She cleared all the synachae on hysteroscopy . My periods had become normal after Hysteroscopy as previously ,I was getting very scanty periods because of repeated miscarriages . I really had great experience with Dr. Shalini . We have never seen any one so calm n patient. She is perfect in her work n knowledge. We thank her from the bottom of our heart .The best doctor for infertile couples . We highly recommend her.

9 . Infertility # Fibrous Bands # Hysteroscopy

So much happiness we have got today as we are blessed with a baby girl. After having 4 abortions , where we had ⁶totally lost hope for a baby , a miracle happened . Dr. Shalini has great depth of her subject . She did hysteroscopy and dissected fibrous bands which had formed because of repeated abortions . My periods had become scanty .
After hysteroscopy , they regularized and I conceived immediately after hysteroscopy . Through out nine months she took great care of us . Never had any problem in connecting with her . She is God for us . All our life has changed and we are so happy today all because of her efforts . May God Bless her .

10. Best IVF Doctor # Best surgeon for #ectopic Pregnacy .

It was like a miracle for us when the pregnancy test came positive after 7 years of our married life . I had a very bad history . First there was an abortion at 2 months . Second pregnancy turned out to be an ectopic where my right tube was removed . Then I wasnt conceiving as my other tube had got blocked . We underwent 2, IVF somewhere else and both failed . We took another chance with Dr. Shalini as we founded her very genuine . And Yes ,our inner sense worked . It clicked in first attempt but again had a bad luck as this time again it was ectopic . My other tube was also removed . So Dr. Shalini ,also clipped my both tubes at the initial end .And then came the much awaited news in next IVF and that too with a bang as it was twin pregnancy now . All thanks to her . She is the best infertility specialist we found . Very dedicated to her work . We are so thankful to her . as we are blessed with twins . A boy and a girl . What else can one ask ! All beacuse of Dr. Shalini .

11. We are extremely delighted and happy as our dream of parenthood has finally happened .

Struggling for years and years ,we finally got success in the hands of Dr. Shalini . I am 34 and we were married for 8 years . I was a typical PCOS , where I wouldnt ovulate on my own. I had already undergone 3 cycles of IUI , HSG was also normal . I underwent Laproscopy / Hysteroscopy with Dr. Shalini where she found grade 2 endometriosis and she corrected the anatomy of the fallopian tubes . Again I underwent 2 IUI with Dr. Shalini which also didnt worked . At any moment she didnt let us loose hope . Finally she planned for IVF and since I was PCOS , all my embryos were frozen . In next cycle , Frozen embryo transfer was done and after 14 days my pregnancy test came positive .We were sooo sooo happy to with this news . She finally made our dream come true .
The more we say about her , the less it is . She is very intelligent , hard working and has passion for her work . We sincerely thank her from the bottom of our heart for bringing us little angel in our life .

12. Best Doctor # Thin endometrium # Best IVF # Hysteroscopy .

The happiest day in our life finally arrived when a little angel came in our life . To us it was a miracle as we had been taking treatment for so long . It was quite a complicated case and we feel blessed to be in the hands of Best IVF Doctor . It has happened because of the hard working Dr. Shalini and her team at Max Panchsheel which is highly supportive and caring . The place is very comfortable and the staff is very polite and courteous . I had 3 failed IVF and my endomtrium will just not grow beyond 6 mm . My embryos were frozen . She tried all best ways by doing hysteroscopy , all medicines were given but nothing worked . As a last resort She ultimately gave me low dose menotropin injection just to build endometrium and to my surprise the endometrium touched 7.5 mm and she did the embryo transfer . And yes ,it came out to be positive . We sincerely thank Dr. Shalini and her team .

13. We are so delighted as we are blessed with a beautiful daughter

I am 37 yrs ,married for 10 years . I had two miscarriages ,5 years back and never conceived after that . We met Dr. Shalini through one of the relatives . She saw each n every detail of ours thick file with utmost Care n depth . She then advised few tests . In HSG,- my both fallopian tubes were blocked and dilated . I underwent laparoscopy where my fallopian tubes were totally damaged . Both my tubes were clipped as they were showing hydrosalpinx . We did IVF with her and I conceived in 2nd attempt . All because of Dr. Shalini . She has excellent results and she makes everyone conceive . The best infertility doctor we found . All thanks to Dr. Shalini for bringing so much joy in our life.

14. Best Infertility # IVF Doctor # Unexplained Infertility .

Blessed with a baby girl. I am 30 years Married 5 years . The first pregnancy was terminated at 18 as the foetus had some congenital anomaly. Conceived year after but then it also turned out to be missed abortion. To add to the frustration, we were not conceiving for 2 years after the missed abortion . On my cousins recommendation ,we first consulted Dr. Shalini She understood our case and looked at each n every paper in detail . The first meeting itself ,she gave us the confidence that there was no fault and I I would definitely conceive again . The few other doctors consulted earlier had prescribed so many tests but she suggested only bare minimum tests . Conceived easily with 2 months of her treatment but unfortunately ,it also turned out to be missed abortion and had to undergo D&C . She was there all the time to support us and boost our confidence . To our no surprise , I conceived again naturally and delivered a baby boy after 9 months . All thanks to Dr. Shalini that we are blessed with this bundle of joy . She has indepth knowledge of her subject and will always guide you right . She works with full dedication and tries her best to make every one pregnant . May God Bless her and may she keep bringing smiles to the millions of childless couples.

15. Best IVF specialist in Delhi NCR # Fibroid Uterus # Myomectomy . # Fibroid Uterus # Myomectomy .

The miracle has worked for us ,only because of Dr. Shalini . As a person , As an IVF Specialist , as a Laparoscopic Surgeon ,she is perfect in every way . At the age of 38years and married for 2years ,I always wanted to conceive early but things were not going right . The first pregnancy turned into a missed abortion and I had a big fibroid or a myoma of 7*8 cm + few other small myomas . We underwent Myomectomy by Dr. Shalini . The surgery was done in a perfect manner . The hospital stay and the post operative period was like a cake walk . Had no difficulty during this period . Dr. Shalini asked us
to wait for 3-4 months and then then try naturally . Though I had very low AMH and were ready for donor eggs but we trusted Dr. Shalini and to our surprise , I conceived after 6 months of Laparoscopy and Myomectomy . She has done wonders of us . We always wanted with our own eggs and it has happened all because of Dr. Shalini . We are deeply indebted to her . Thank you once again for helping us and making impossible ” possible ” for us .

16. Best IVF Doctor # PCOS

Married for 13 years and struggling to conceive and moving from one place to another , one treatment to another we finally found a Jack pot ” Dr. Shalini ” who gave us these two beautiful bundles of joy ( boy n a girl ) . Our long awaited wait to conceive finally ended when we first met Dr. Shalini . 13 yrs of married life and already undergone 4-5 IUI , we wanted one more IUI with her . But looking at the history and the treatment we had undergone , she gave us the confidence and advise to undergo IVF . In our heart we found a deep faith in Dr. Shalini and ,yes our experience and knowledge was right . She did it for us . My wife conceived in first attempt and we are blessed with these two bundles of joy . All because of her dedication n hard work . Really proud of her and the smiles she is spreading n bringing joy to the childless couples . May she get more success .

17. Best IVF Specialist # Endometriosis

I am 30 years and had been in pain for so many years because of endometrioma which in turn led to infertility . Though already had undergone surgery for the endometrioma but it recurred and was giving me lot of trouble . We visited Dr..Shalini Chawla Khanna and she amazed us by her knowledge ,patience ,perseverance . In first meeting only she build our trust in hers as we were very scared to undergo repeat surgery . The surgery went in a perfect manner ,the endometriomas were drained ,adhesions were released and I recovered very fast . We tried naturally for 4-5 months post surgery but it didn’t work . Eventually we , underwent two IUI and I conceived in second IUI . This journey of 8-10 months was very smooth with her . She was always there to boost n pamper us . We really felt ourselves in safe hands all the time . All credit to her for making me pregnant . May she continue to work like this .

18. Infertility Doctor # PCOS

I am 29 years and have severe PCOD and my cycles have always been irregular . I had under gone many cycles of Ovulation Induction but at times the follicles didn’t form ,at times the endomedium didn’t grow . But Dr. Shalini gave us injections to grow the follicles . And I was lucky to conceive in 2nd cycle along with IUI . Dr. Shalini works very hard for each n every patient . She puts her soul n heart to make every patient pregnant . Her success rate is very good . We are really happy with her . All through the 9 months , she was available to give us this little angel . So sooooo happy for our self . Thx once again from the bottom of our heart .

19. Best Doctor # Repeated IVF Failure # Heterotropic Pregnancy

We are blessed with a baby girl and all because of Dr. Shalini Chawla Khanna. After having 3 failed IVF , we were lucky to meet Dr. Shalini who inspired us to take one more attempt . And yes ,because of God’s Grace and Dr. Shalini’s endeavour ,it clicked in first attempt itself . However ,things weren’t that favourable as at six weeks ,the ultrasound showed ,one pregnancy in the tube and one in the uterus at normal position which was labelled as Hetrotropic pregnancy ,which is not a common entity . But we sure were in expert hands so it was handed so well . The tubal ectopic pregnancy was successfully and meticulously removed by laparoscopy and the normal pregnancy was left behind . I continued for 9 months under her care and it’s speechless to say how she pampered us the nine months ,guiding n boosting us at every step as the Hetrotropic pregnancy scared us for the entire duration . Finally ,the day came and we were blessed with a little charming girl . She handles all complications so well and will never let your courage go down . Very few Doctors are like her ,In fact we found her the best . A cool , calm and a composite person whose passion is work and to bring smiles to childless couples . All thanks to Dr. Shalini .

20. Best IVF + ICSI # Male Infertility # Oligospermia# Low sperm Count.

Blessed with a Baby girl after 10 years of struggle . We are married for 10 years and had tried every sort of treatment to conceive like ovulation Induction , HSG , Laparoscopy , Hysteroscopy , IUI . Nothing had worked despite all these expensive tests and treatments till we met Dr. Shalini Chawla Khanna who is truly a gem of a person and an ideal doctor who listens and understands your problems patiently . Probably she suspected low semen count and motivated us for IVF. Nevertheless ,on the day of IVF , it was converted to IVF + ICSI as semen count was extremely low . We had full trust in her and it was proved beyond doubt when our result came positive after 14 days of IVF + ICSI . She converted our hopelessness , and frustration to hopefullness n cheerfulness . We are enjoying each n every moment of our life. She is very dedicated to her work and puts her best to make every one pregnant . All thanks to her . Would highly recommend all infertile couples to her .

21.Best Infertility Doctor # Unexplained Infertility # Ovulation Induction

Blessed with a Baby boy . We visited Dr. Shalini on friends recommendations and we found her the way we were told . Cool , Calm , compassionate , hard working . The more we write , the less it is . Her treatment is very specific and to the point . We had been trying for 3 years but nothing worked . All the tests were normal and we were labelled as unexplained infertility . Dr. Shalini gave us simple drugs like clomiphene and did follicular study . With her simple treatment , I conceived in my first attempt . She made it happen which wasn’t possible for 3 years . All thanks to her for giving this bundle of joy and changing our lives so much.

22. Best IVF Treatment#Unexplained Infertility # Thin Endometrium . Dr. Shalini Chawla Khanna.

Blessed with a baby Boy on. I am 32 yrs and married for 7 yrs . First time ,I conceived naturally but destiny had something else in store for us ,Our baby expired 3 days after birth as he had some abnormality in the heart . 5 years after that ,I couldn’t conceive for unknown reasons . Consulted many doctors and underwent many procedures like Laparoscopy / Hysteroscopy, 4 IUI ,1 IVF . All investigations were normal , still no conception . When we met Dr. Shalini ,we were impressed by her positivity and her knowledge. She is updated with all the latest technologies . She explained each n everything in detail and gives you a personalized touch . We were touched by her dedication n hard work . Conceived with IVF with her in the second attempt . The endometrium would always be thin and not grow on Progynova . She then did the embryo transfer in natural cycle and it clicked . She is a very genuine doctor whose treatment is very simple n to the point . She will do all possible things to make you pregnant . She has brought happiness in our lives and our life has totally changed after that . . May God Bless her . We would always recommend her as the best IVF and infertility Doctor .

23. Best IVF # Male Infertility # Azoospermia # Testicular Sperm Extraction # TESE/ TESA .

The much awaited happiness comes with a bang . Blessed with two twin boys by her treatment . She is a blend of knowledge , passion n compassion . She has brought so much happiness in our lives after 8 years of our married life . W thank her from the bottom of our heart . With my husband sperm count as zero or Azoospermia ,we both were mentally distressed and disturbed . We both knew that pregnancy cant happen on its own . We consulted Dr. Shalini who no doubt is briliant at her work . After few tests and urologist opinon , she suggested IVF and sperm extraction by needle ( TESA/ TESE ,for my husband ) . She clearly explained the chances of retrieval and success rate in our case . She guided us at every step . And we followed her advice . She will always guide you right . We underwent IVF + ICSI + Testicular Sperm Extraction . Which went pretty well as good number of eggs were retrieved . The fresh embryo transfer didnt give any pregnancy . However , I conceived in second frozen embryo transfer cycle . She did miracles for us . We are so happy to have a little naughty munchkin in our life with Dr. Shalini help . She is an angel and a gift of GOd . All sincere thanks to her .

24. Repeated IVF Failure # Hydrosalpinx

We really thanks Dr. Shalini for bringing us this beautiful angel in our lives . After 2 IVF failures , when we visited Dr. Shalini ,she suggested laparoscopy as ultrasound was showing hydrosapinx / dirty fluid in the dilated tubes . She ligated n clipped the fallopian tubes as probably this was the reason for the repeated IVF failures . The surgery went well with her . Subsequent IVF was positive for us and we are blessed with a baby girl . Her treatment is very simple ,she gives very minimal injections and tablets . She has a magical hand and a very experience Doctor . All thanks to her for giving us a new life .

25. Best IVF Doctor # Repeated Miscarriage # Hysteroscopy # Uterine adhesions # Synachae

Our dream of parenthood has only been possible because of Dr. Shalini . We are married for 10 years and had 4 miscarriages at around 2 months each . My periods had become scanty after last abortion and then we visited Dr. Shalini . She suggested Hysteroscopy and where she found fibrous bands in the uterus and the cavity was narrow which she corrected it in the same sitting . All other investigation like Thrombophilia profile , Karyotype of me n my husband was normal . My periods became normal after Hysteroscopy . I conceived again now . However this time under the guidance to Dr. Shalini , I was able to manage till 38 weeks of pregnancy and delivered a health baby girl. She is a gem of a person , gentle ,polite , knowledgeable . She turned our dream into reality .

26. Best IVF Doctor # Low AMaH # Low ovarian Reserve

The feeling of parenthood is the nicest feeling on this earth and for us ,Dr. Shalini did this . For us ,she is next to God . At the age of 34 years ,my ovaries had shrunken and my AMH was low (0.7 ) . We came to her for second opinion as everyone suggested donor egg . She took the challenge and we agreed to do IVF with our own eggs .She had generated so much positivity in us ,and this worked . 6 oocytes were retrieved and and it was successful in first attempt . We couldn’t have asked for more than that , having it been successful with our own eggs . Words aren’t enough to say thanks . We are truly indebted to her .

27. Best Doctor # Endometriosis

I am 32 years and married for 5 years . We had been trying to conceive since but nothing worked . I had endometriosis . We tried 4 IU but nothing worked . Then on friends recommendation , we went to Dr. Shalini and she did laparoscopy for endometriosis . I used to get lot of pain off n on before surgery ,but this vanished after the surgery . I was much relieved with the surgery . The best part was ,my tubes were normal on laparoscopy . Quite a few had suggested IVF but Dr. Shalini gave us the right advice and we underwent Laparoscopy .
And luckily ,we conceived on our own within 1 year of Laparoscopy . She is an expert in her field and does her job very meticulously . She never let’s your moral go down . The best doctor we found . All thanks to her for bringing this naughty bundle in our life .

28. IVF # Low AMH # Donor Eggs

Since the day ,our little beautiful angel is born , it doesn’t stop bringing smiles to our faces . We are soòo cheerful and happy and enjoying every moment of our parenthood . I am 39 , married for 3 years . Life had come to a still as My AMH was 0.03 and there were no eggs . We had consulted many specialist and everyone suggested Donor eggs . We then visited Dr. Shalini , a very cool n a calm person . Though she also suggested donor eggs but she understood our apprehensions , cleared our doubts and thoroughly explained the procedure . It took us one year to get convinced and Dr. Shalini really helped us in this decision . And now no looking back and no regrets with this tiny hands n feets swirilling my body and bringing joy every moment . All thanks to her .

29. IVF #Repeated Miscarriages # Thin Endometrium # Surrogacy

A very special thanks to Dr. Shalini as our kids turn 1 year today . Blessed with twins “a boy and a girl ” through Surrogacy , we are so indebted to Dr.Shalini who has helped and has fulfilled our dream of parenthood .
After going through Laproscopy Hysteroscopy , IUI , IVF , everything had failed as my endometrium wouldn’t grow beyond 5 mm .I had 3 miscarriages earlier and I wasnt conceiving for 5 years . She advised Surrogacy in view of repeated miscarriages and thin Endometrium . It was a tough decision at that time to go in for surrogacy but we are glad , we listened to Dr. Shalini and now no looking back . She motivated us so much and gave us so much confidence that we agreed to it . The very first attempt ,our surrogate conceived and she cared for the surrogate so well through out the pregnancy . We are cherishing each n every moment . All thanks to Dr. Shalini .

30. Best IVF # Repeated Abortions # Hysteroscopy # Septum Resection

Married for 12 years and suffering from repeated miscarriages , We are glad ,we Consulted Dr. Shalini . I had 3 miscarriages / abortions , around 2 months each . Each abortion would just add to more distress and hopelessness . But when we met Dr. Shalini , she gave us a ray of hope . I underwent Hysteroscopy where Septum was found which probably was the cause of recurrent abortions . This Septum resection was corrected . Next Pregnancy I was put on injections for 3 months and delieved a healthy baby girl , 4 months back . We are really thank ful to Dr. Shalini as few Drs. suggested Donor eggs after 3 abortions but we wanted with our own eggs . Which eventually happened with Dr. Shalini . She is a very experienced doctor . Her moto is just to make every one pregnant .

31.Best IVF # Repeated Miscarriages # Hysteroscopy # Uterine adhesion Bands .

We were quite distressed as every pregnancy would turn into an abortion . So after having 4 abortions , we Consulted Dr. Shalini . We were suggested surrogacy or donor eggs by quite a few . We felt at so much at ease when we first met Dr. Shalini . She would always guide you right . She suggested Hysteroscopy where she found adhesion bands which were removed . I started getting good flow in my periods after the Hysteroscopy . I conceived after 8 months of Hysteroscopy in 3rd IUI cycle.
Though every cycle was full of distress again after the Hysteroscopy . But she never let us loose hope .Every cycle she would boost our confidence more . And eventually it happened . It was the best day of our life when our test came positive . And we have just been Blessed with a Baby boy ,one month back . All thanks to Dr. Shalini for bringing so much happiness in our life .